Real Estate News: Modern Security Systems Go Beyond Security

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If you’re looking for a good selling or buying point for Oakville luxury real estate, you can’t go wrong with a smart home! Modern security systems let you do everything from monitoring and reducing your energy bill, big savings on homeowner’s insurance, keep track of children and pets, prevent water and fire damage, lock your doors with your mobile device and a whole host of other things that just make it something every modern luxury home should have. Maintain your independence, keep watch on things that matter.

A Boon for Boomers and Their Parents

While most Boomers aren’t too worried about staying independent just yet, they may be worried about their family. Active seniors shouldn’t have to choose between safety and the comfort of living in their own home, and with the right system they won’t have to. Motion detectors can be used to alert you if there’s an absence of activity for too long, suspicious activity and more. The alarm can also adjust the temperature, turn on and off the lights at certain times and more, all without compromising the ability to live on your own. It’s one of those things that Oakville luxury real estate really should have.

Control Your Home with a Touch of a Button (or a Screen!)

Smartphones can do more than let your boss keep tabs on you when you’re on vacation – they can also help you control lights, thermostat, locks and even window blinds when you’re not home. Have a delivery or need service in your home and you’re not there? You’re covered. Leaving town and remember halfway on the flight to Vancouver that you forgot to turn down the thermostat? You’re still covered. With the right security system and luxury Oakville real estate you can do wondrous things!

Save Money on Your Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance companies love smart home technology and they’ll give you savings off your monthly bill if you can get it done. Why pay more when you can get all the benefits and the savings rolled into one? Prevent fire and water damage to your home and have the fire department automatically dispatched to your home in the event of an accident when you’re at home or away. You’ll want to contact your individual insurance company(s) and see what systems are approved and which ones will get you the discounts before you install one.

Save Energy and Go Green

You’ll be able to cut down on your energy bills, monitor energy, water and even heating oil usage all while at home or away. Not home and don’t need it a toasty 23 degrees in your home? Turn down the heat. If you’re not home and you don’t need the air conditioner on, turn it off. Keep on top of your energy usage and only use power when you’re at home, saving you time, money and making your home just that much greener.

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