Community News: Oakville Receives Grant to Restore and Protect Bronte Bluffs

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Oakville, in concert with partners Conversation Halton, Bronte BIA and Evergreen received a grant of $25,000 by the GLGCF (Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund) to help restore and protect Bronte Bluffs, returning it to its former glory and improving the local water quality too!
Mayor Rob Burton was humbled by the recognition, citing that the “Council is committed to protecting green space and enhancing Oakville’s natural environment,” and that “The Bronte Bluffs are another example of the way we are making some of Oakville’s beautiful outdoor spaces even more family and environmentally friendly.”
With Oakville’s commitment to the environment stronger than it has ever been, it’s no wonder that it’s been recognized in this way with a grant to keep Ontario beautiful!

Bronte Bluffs to Get a Thorough Spring Cleaning

There are four main aims for the Bronte Bluffs protection project:
  • Improve local water quality
  • Improve habitat for local wildlife (especially birds)
  • Reduce storm water runoff into the lake
  • Enhance visitor experiences (tourism)
That’s a lot to expect from a single project, but that’s only the beginning!
It’s all about making sure that Bronte Bluffs doesn’t just improve, but stays that way. From switching out the direct storm water outfall pipe directly into the lake with a bioswale and certain plants that will clean and enhance water quality to removing invasive species with native, adapted plants and a few additional visitor enhancements along Bronte Beach will keep the Bluffs beautiful for years to come.

Bronte Bluffs Unique in the Great Lakes

Bronte Bluffs is a unique landscape in the Great Lakes, offering a safe haven for migrating birds and other wildlife. The overhang structure of the bluffs gives them a place to rest, refuel and even as a staging area for huge flocks of birds.
If we can enhance the habitat for local wildlife and migrating birds, we’ll not only be able to enhance the natural beauty of Oakville, but create a great place for visitors to come see migrating flocks moving along their path season to season.

Work to Begin This Spring

The work is due to begin this spring, and expected to be completed sometime before the end of the fall. With many heritage buildings and landmarks along the waterfront of Bronte Bluffs, it’s truly a big piece of Great lakes history and worth saving.
Oakville is one of the first of 100 communities and groups to have received GLGCF grants since it was founded by the Ministry of the Environment in 2012.
We know we’re excited to see Bronte Bluffs undergo such a significant change over the next few months, and what better time to buy a home than now? If you’ve been eyeing a property on the Bronte shore or you’re just curious about what a luxury Oakville home has to offer you, give us a call. We’re the Goodale Miller Team and we’ll help you find the home that’s right for you.

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