Community News: Oakville’s Best Waterfront Summer Patios

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With the summer season being brief in this part of the world as every Oakvillian knows, summer simply wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one of the waterfront patios found in some dining establishments around the town. In case you are new to Oakville or just visiting, here is an introduction to where you can find Oakville’s Best Waterfront Patios and why Oakvillians love them.

Oakville Club

The seasonal Dockside Patio at Oakville Club is actually an extension of their River Bar. This outdoor dining area is only a short distance away from 16 Mile Creek; hence, you would surely enjoy being serenaded by the peaceful natural sounds of water lapping on the sides of the boats as you sip you drink or savour your meal here.
At Oakville Club’s Dockside Patio, diners can easily view the various activities in the nearby river - a true summer visual treat which you should take advantage of while the weather is still warm. In case the Dock Side Patio is teeming with people, the Poolside Patio is also a great choice for basking in the sun while enjoying the cooling effects of water and exquisite food.

Harbour Banquet

With 3 ballrooms featuring sweeping views of the Bronte Harbour Marina and Lake Ontario through large glass windows, Harbour Banquet is a favorite venue for summer wedding receptions. And who wouldn’t want their wedding reception there?
Besides the panoramic views of the Niagara Peninsula Shoreline, the Marina and the Bronte Heritage Park, the venue also has a replica of the Historic Bronte Lighthouse and a patio that simply begs for al fresco dining or cocktails - perfect for romantic wedding photography and other fun summer picture taking moments!

Spencer’s at the Waterfront

Situated on Lake Ontario’s Shoreline at Burlington, Spencer’s at the Waterfront entices with mesmerizing views. With a history and reputation as the go to place to indulge in fantastic food and excellent hospitality, even the building itself is an attraction on its own. Glass walled dining area showcases the moon’s reflection on the Lake at night, giving it a very romantic ambiance. During the day, the heated patio fronting a reflection pond mirrors the clear blue sky in its crystalline waters.
Although known as one of the ideal wedding locations in Oakville, lunch or dinner at Spencer’s at the Waterfront can transform simple summer days into beautiful divine ones.

Compass Restaurant

Compass Restaurant is well known for their mojito and the historic lighthouse building which houses the establishment. However, it is the view of Lake Ontario and Bronte Harbour as seen from their stunning patio that’s really the chief attraction for this place. During the summer months, Compass Restaurant may have live musical performances by talented artists and other attractions on their patio. Besides that, a stroll along the boardwalk makes for a delightful experience as well as a great opportunity for some serious snapshots frenzy.
The food and ambiance at Compass Restaurant is a mix of the old and the new, a fusion of technology and grace which shines brighter with the restaurant’s location.
Oakville’s best waterfront summer patios are truly a sight to behold, and not just during summer! If you love this blog and want to experience more of the town, contact us to know about the available waterfront luxury homes in Oakville for you. 

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