Community News: Oakville’s the Safest Community in Canada

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It’s one thing to be the safest community in all of Ontario, but all of Canada? That’s right; when you choose Oakville real estate you’ll be moving to the safest area as defined by Statistics Canada. The whole Halton region is the safest, but Oakville is a lovely place to live and you can find everything you need right here.  Here we’re going to go over why Oakville is the safest community and why you would want to make your home here, so let’s explore everything it has to offer you!

Safest in Canada

A safe town is the best place to be! With its proximity to Toronto and that small hometown feel, Oakville gives you what you need to have the best of both worlds. Since Oakville boasts a population of almost 200,000 residents, it’s a sizeable achievement! For the last four years Oakville has been named the safest community; if you want to buy in a safe area with beautiful houses and great prices, think about Oakville luxury homes for sale. You won’t just love how safe the community is though, you’ll also be able to indulge in great luxury homes that are as different as they are beautiful.

Luxury Homes at Every Level

Oakville luxury homes for sale aren’t hard to find; a prime example of this is Chelster Hall. A modern day castle with virtually every amenity you could ever want, it’s the pinnacle of luxury Oakville real estate. There are many different luxury homes here that can range from indulgent opulence to obtainable luxury; what you choose to be luxurious is up to you and your tastes. You can go for a totally custom build (just don’t go too custom!) or buy a pre-existing home. Whatever you decide on, you’ll get what you need.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Oakville boasts a veritable buffet of options! Here you’ll be able to find everything from condos, traditional detached (and semi) houses, vacation homes and everything in between! Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, you’ll be able to get a great view wherever you choose to buy Oakville real estate. We’ll help you figure out just what kind of house will be your home. You won’t have to do this on your own though, we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure that everything is the way you need it to be.

Know What You Need

Knowing what you need before you buy will help you make the most of your Oakville real estate purchase. You’ll want to think about why you’re moving now, what you want in your next house and what your deal breakers are. We’ll help you find the property that fits your needs and wants, helping you strike the balance between a house and a home. When shopping for homes in Oakville you’ll be able to find luxury, variety and a great environment for adults and children alike.

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