Real Estate Advice: Proper Home Staging Can Mean a Big Price Difference

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Choosing the best home staging tips can affect not only your possibility to sell your home, but also for how much you can sell it for. These days, just placing a for sale sign or listing your home in the market are not enough to make a successful sale.
Even in sought-after neighbourhoods where home prices are far from cheap, buyers have developed a taste for beautiful homes that give them a glimpse of how it would be like to live in one. This had led to a booming need for home staging before listing a home in the market.

What is Meant by Home Staging?

Home staging is a professional service wherein professional stagers work with the use of paint, artwork, and rental furniture to make a home more inviting for potential buyers.
Professional home staging can vary widely from just using a few bits of furniture to full-blown makeovers involving changing fixtures, repainting, and using a lot of furniture. Note that a home stager isn’t a licensed professional but usually has a strong background in interior design and/or real estate.

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

The type of home staging service and the market you are in determines the professional staging fee that you may have to pay. A consultation could net around $500 and a makeover can be at about 1% of the purchase price. This isn’t an exorbitant amount if you’ll consider how the service can make your listing shine.

When Should Home Staging Take Place?

The best time for a home stager to come in and make your home look picture-perfect is after you have decluttered or put away some of your things in storage. This means that you’re really committed to selling your home and have made it a good canvass for a home stager to work magic on your property.

Do You Really Need Home Staging?

Home staging isn’t for everyone. If a home is in pristine condition and with contemporary furnishing, help from a professional home stager may not be needed. However, if a home has seen better days and is in need of an update so that it can be sold for a better value for the owner, then a home stager can make that happen.
Home staging can improve the chances of a home getting sold and for higher value because a professional home stager can highlight a home’s best features to showcase the house’s full potential.
Buyers are more likely to pay a better price or make an immediate offer if they can see just how awesome a piece of property is. Instead of pushing for an offer below market price, serious buyers are reportedly willing to send offers that are way beyond the asking price for professionally staged homes. It is all about perception of value.
Staging your home to sell will go a long way in attracting the right buyers for your Oakville luxury home. You will want to have the best real estate agents on your side to ensure maximum returns for your efforts. Contact us today so we can discuss the right strategy to sell your Oakville home!

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