Real Estate Advice: Tips for Making a New House Feel More Like Home

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Moving to a new house is both an exciting and stressful time, more so if you have small children or pets. It may take a while for children and pets to adjust to a new home and feel at home. You’ll surely need all the help you can get to make that transition more comfortable. Here are our time-tested tips for making a new house feel like home.

Transfer Utilities as Soon as Possible

You’ll want key services such as internet, phone, electric, water, and gas up and running in your new home before the final day that you’ll be moving in. Ensuring this will make your first few days a lot easier and save you from dealing with some headache down the road.

Change the Locks Before Moving In

The only way that you can be sure that only you have the keys to your new home is to replace the locks with new ones especially for the exterior doors. This is also the time to install security alarms and cameras more so if you can get a good deal from a recommended security company.

Plan Your Furniture Layout

When you’re moving to a new home, you’ll be taking with you old furniture pieces that has been in your family for years. You’ll want to make sure that they’ll lend their comforting presence in your new home by planning their placement in such a way that will place them in somewhat familiar configurations in your new place.

Stock Up on Basic Cleaning and Food Supplies

No matter how new and clean your new home is, there will be a lot of cleaning involved in the first busy week of moving in. By making sure that you have both basic cleaning supplies and food supplies, you won’t have to miss a beat when unpacking and can enjoy homecooked meals as early as your first night.

Make Sure Appliances are Up and Running

Better make sure that the stove, fridge, air conditioning, and heater are all working before moving in. You’ll want plenty of cold refreshing drinks, chow down on some comfort food, have a warm shower or bath, and sleep in comfort after moving heavy boxes and suitcases.

Move in With an Overnight Bag Packed with Your Essentials

There will be too much activity the first few days moving in so it will make life a lot easier for you to pack a few changes of clothes for each family member in overnight bags complete with their essentials. This way, each family member can have access to the things that they need before they are fully unpacked. This can include hygiene items, personal electronics, medications, vitamins, and other creature comforts.

Don’t Forget the Little Ones and Furry Ones

Little kids and pets have their favourite items that they can’t live without. Pack these items within easy reach and add toys that can keep the little ones and furry ones busy and happy. A familiar toy, blanket, or pillow will make the transition easier for them and make them feel at home sooner.

Walk Around Your New Neighbourhood

You don’t have to introduce yourself to neighbours yet if you aren’t ready but simply knowing where to buy certain items, where to take the dog for a walk, where the playground is, etc. can lift off so much of the stress that often accompanies moving to an unfamiliar place. This is a great way to meet your neighbours and get to know the community!
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