Real Estate Advice: Red Flags to Look For When Buying A Home

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Some home deals are really amazing, but there are some that can turn out to be very expensive mistakes once you’ve closed and signed the sale. In this article, we’ve compiled the top warning signs and red flags that home buyers should be wary of when buying a home. Read on and save yourself from grief!

You Don’t Like the Neighbourhood

Part of loving a dream home is loving the location; and no matter how beautiful a home is, you’ll tire of it soon if it is too far away from work, too crowded or too isolated, or you simply don’t feel like you belong. Remember, you can always renovate a house but you can’t just pick it up and move to a new neighbourhood!

The House Is Weird

We all have different tastes when it comes to what we want in a home and that is good. However, when a home is just too weird (like having bedrooms with 3 doors and interconnected to other bedrooms, or has an attic that connects directly to a small room in the basement) for your liking, then living in it might feel like you’re trespassing in someone else’s home.

Nightmare Neighbours

It is a given not to end up liking all your neighbours but if you feel not liking those in your immediate vicinity during the first site visits, it is safe to say that you won’t suddenly fall in love with them when you move in.

Inspection Reveal is Shocking

It is nearly impossible to find a home in perfect condition but if you’re finding multiple file hazards, cracks on basement walls, soggy wooden floors, and the like, you’ll be better off building a home from scratch.

You’ve Uncovered a Title Dispute

Titles disputes are expensive and take years to resolve. It is better to simply not involve yourself in any home with such an issue no matter how lovely it is.

The Home Is A Health or Environmental Hazard

Older homes may still have their asbestos-based paint and original lead pipes which can cause serious health issues. A busted septic tank can contaminate groundwater as well as your own water supply and mould issues are downright life-threatening. Just stay away.

It Is Too Expensive

Even though you may be able to afford an expensive home’s asking price, there are many factors that can make it too expensive for you in the long run. Maintenance and taxes, possible renovations and upgrades, or legal issues and the like all make a home too expensive for it’s worth. Then there’s your future financial situation to consider too.

The Home Is Not Well-Built

Some homes are pretty on the outside but a closer inspection reveals sub-standard materials and signs of sloppy construction or renovation. Inconsistencies in finishes, visible paint splotches, and mismatched hardware are all signs that the builder cut corners. You deserve better than that!
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