Design Tips: Spring Clean Your Home with These Easy Tips!

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With most people spending a lot more time at home recently, now's a great time to start your spring cleaning! It is certainly that time of the year when dusting away some winter blues is in order. You may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where and how to start. Fret not, we’ve compiled some spring cleaning tips to make your seasonal transition a lot easier. The trick is in identifying which of our tips will work for your home and implementing them one at a time.

Fix What Needs Fixing

Why wait for summer to start home fixing projects when you can get them done during spring cleaning? Small repair projects like a simple furniture repaint or replacing a fixture will take just a few hours. Doing this will also give you a better start at your other spring cleaning agendas by giving you a boost of self-accomplishment.

Repaint and Refresh

Using paint is one of the cheapest yet most transformative tricks in home improvement. You can paint rooms a lighter hue to prepare them for summer as well as give you a cleaner looking canvass for redecorating this spring.

Rearrange Furniture

Spring cleaning isn’t just about throwing out things that you don’t need but also about finding new uses for things you already have. While you may find it better to store some furniture and décor, rearranging them can make a huge change that will make your home a lot more cheerful and open. Don’t forget to go for lighter window treatments as well!

Shop for New Finds

Shopping for new things may go against what most think spring cleaning is, but as people and stores do their own spring cleaning, they might want to get rid of things that could be perfect for your home. Now is the perfect time to grab those items at a fraction of the usual cost!

Keep Things Tidy

Keeping things in order can be quite challenging so we’re breaking our cleaning up tips into snippets that you can easily remember and put to good use!
  • Vacuum or steam your bed to get rid of dirt as well as possible lurking bedbugs and the like. The same goes for your couches, carpets, and areas under furniture. Don’t forget to flip your mattress!
  • Double task by scheduling what needs to be done to not miss a thing. If you got to clean the bathroom, schedule it during laundry. Washing the laundry does not require you to be in front of the machine at all times so you can certainly fit other spring cleaning chores.
  • Give your closet a makeover my sorting through clothes and tucking away winter garb. This way, you’ll have more room in your closet to showcase clothes suitable for warmer weather.
  • Organize and clean one drawer at a time. The task of cleaning out an entire room may be too daunting. There is nothing wrong with cleaning just a drawer or two at a time on top of your other household chores. You’ll still get done with spring cleaning before the month ends.
  • Give away or sell what you don’t need. Things that have no use for you only serve as clutter. It’s great if you can clean your home while helping others make theirs a better place by giving away some items you no longer want. You can sell these as well for a discounted price to turn them into cash.
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