Design Tips: The Best Spring Home Staging Tips to Bring In More Buyers

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Home staging is a key factor in making a successful sale at your desired closing price. Keep in mind that it is an art that goes beyond merely painting your home for staging; you have to go above and beyond to help your home sell fast especially in the midst of the home-shopping and home-selling frenzy that usually accompanies spring. Below are our top home staging tips that can make your home drool-worthy for shoppers this spring!

Put Away Your Winter Stuff

There’s no reason for you to have your skis, winter boots, heavy coats, and snowboard in spring, right? Be sure to store them away properly and not simply stuff them in your closet to avoid them taking up precious closet space. If you think that you won’t need some of them in the near future, now is also the perfect time to donate to those in need or place them in storage.

Use Spring Scents Indoors

Spring is when a lot of flowers bloom again bathing your garden in a rainbow of colours and indulging your senses with wondrous scents. Why not use some of them in your home to provide both colour and instant home air freshener? There’s nothing like the scent of your favorite flowers wafting through the air on a spring morning. It wakes you up and prepares you for an amazing day ahead while giving you warm positive feelings.

Make Your Entryway Pretty

Your door and entryway says a lot about you. They are also the first things that any guest will see when visiting your home so it would be better if you can deck your entryway in a way that conveys who you are and how welcoming your home is. A few plants in pots, flowers in a tall base, and a clean mat should do the trick. If you have time, repainting the front door can also be a good idea. Curb appeal is real.

Use Bright Colours to Decorate

Using bright colours to decorate doesn’t stop with just using fresh flowers. Some other ideas are using a bright outdoor rug, changing seat covers to a lighter and more vibrant hue, and changing draperies to a thinner fabric that allows in more light. By changing a few key elements in a room, you can easily create an inviting spring-inspired decorating palette that everyone will surely enjoy!

Showcase Your Yard

There is no time to lose! You must whip your yard into shape right away if you’re trying to sell your home. Get rid of yard debris, trim any plant that needs trimming, and don’t be ashamed of sprucing with a few silk flowers here and there.

Spring Clean Like You Mean It!

Lastly, a spring cleaning is in order. If you’re staging your home, it means that you want to move elsewhere. Simply put, getting rid of the things you don’t need will mean that you will have less things to move as well as will let you have more space to better stage your home. A clean beginning is a must.
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