Design Tips: Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Outdoor Room

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Warm weather and fair skies are meant to be enjoyed; and even more so when you can do just that from the comfort of your outdoor room. Whether your outdoor room is a patio, a porch, a secluded area in the yard, or your porch, here are 10 tips that will surely make your outdoor room even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Install Outdoor Speakers

Wireless speakers can be installed virtually anywhere or if you want a more traditional one, some units are small enough to not be so obvious when installed. Wouldn’t you love the sound of soft music or your favourite symphony playing in the background while you savour sunny days in your outdoor room?

Protect Cushions When Not In Use

The feel of a wet cushion beneath you is unpleasant, to say the least, and letting them be exposed to the elements means that your wallet will suffer too. Make sure that you have a protected area where you can store outdoor cushions. Your future self will be thanking you for this.

Running Water Masks Unwanted Sounds

If your neighbours are too close for comfort or if your outdoor room is too close to a busy road, installing a water feature that will let the water flow will drown unpleasant sounds away.

Have Blankets Ready for Chilly Evenings

A pile of blankets by the door would be most welcome when you want to lay under the stars but don’t want to catch a cold. They can double as picnic blankets too!

Ensure Good Nighttime Lighting

This is both for safety and aesthetic reasons but you can make this work wonders for your outdoor room. Landscape lighting combined with lighting on your outdoor room will make your area seem larger and more inviting.

Have Adequate Shade

You wouldn’t be able to enjoy your outdoor room if it offers zero shade on sunny days. You can opt to install a retractable canopy, have a freestanding umbrella, or perhaps plant climbing vines to crawl over lattices.

Prepare an Outdoor Dining Kit

A big basket with everything you need to dine outdoors would be great. This will make entertaining outdoors more appealing for you and save you the hassle of having to look for things when you want to dine outside.

Use the Right Fabrics and Materials

An outdoor room is usually exposed to the elements, even if you have it on a covered porch. Invest in outdoor fabrics for your pillows and cushions and buy furniture that is specifically made to be used outdoors. This might set you back quite a bit but you will be able to use everything for years to come.

Know How to Deal With Bugs

Depending on where you live, installing screens or having a ceiling fan should work for keeping bugs away. For mosquito-prone areas, you will want to eliminate standing water nearby to be on the safe side.

Know What You Want and Go for It

At the end of the day, you know what exact use you will have for your outdoor room. If you are planning to use it for reading, then a cosy personaliszed space would be ideal. If you are planning to use it for entertaining, then lots of seating and adequate lighting is necessary. It is up to you to define your outdoor room and customize it according to your vision.
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