Luxury Real Estate Advice: What Luxury Home Buyers Are Really Looking For

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Planning to sell your luxury home soon but not sure how to target the right buyers for a successful sale? Luxury home buyers often look for key characteristics in homes they want to buy, so templates related to selling homes in general won’t be very effective. Here are the top 12 things that luxury home buyers are really looking for.

Great Location

Luxury home buyers value privacy and accessibility, so a property that can offer both will surely get their attention. Highlight how easy it is to get home and how relaxing and ‘away’ from the rest of the world your location is. Exclusive is the keyword.

Good Floor Plan

Grand homes have large entryways and an open floor plan. Make sure to mention this if your home fits the bill.

Private Exercise Room and/or Sauna

Wealthy people value time. They don’t have the time to drive to a gym or wait on a trainer when they can conveniently just have all that come to their home on their own time. A private exercise room with a sauna is a must for a luxury home.


Luxury home buyers love technology because it translates to convenience. A few touches of a button to control lights, temperature, and the alarm system is the type of home automation that wealthy home buyers love and want.

Dedicated Game and Theatre Rooms

Movie rooms and game rooms are standards when it comes to planning a luxury home. If a finished basement can double as an entertainment area, the more the property becomes attractive to opulent buyers.

Beautiful Functional Kitchen

Polished finishes, spacious storage, and having commercial or restaurant-grade appliances are a must in the kitchen of a luxury home. Better if there are wine fridges, warming draws, and a walk-in pantry.

Outdoor Kitchens and/or a Grilling Area

Wealthy buyers want comfort even when they’re outdoors. An outdoor kitchen with a dedicated grilling area, a food prep area, and a place for storing cold drinks is lovely, more so if the property has a sizable pool.

Pools and Hot Tubs

Pools with beautiful falls and nearby hot tubs are a must for those living the good life. Ideally with a changing cabanas and an outdoor shower too.

Walk-In Closet

The larger the walk-in closet, the better. When a single piece of your clothing or accessory items cost in the thousands of dollars, having adequate storage to keep them in tip-top shape is important.

Storage Everywhere

Luxury living is almost synonymous with minimalist décor. The reason why that is possible for those who cam buy an entire store is because they have lots of storage to keep clutter out of sight.

Beautiful Spa Bathroom

Wealthy people often work a lot and hence they need their home to be able to give them all the relaxing amenities they need. A spa bathroom isn’t really a luxury, but a necessity. Comfort is king.

Luxurious Bedroom

The definition of a luxurious bedroom varies widely but it won’t hurt to ensure that bedrooms are spacious enough to fit a bed and a seating area with plenty of room to walk around in. Automation for the bedrooms’ blinds, temperature, and lighting are great to have too.
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