Real Estate Advice: Why Buying an Ugly Home Could Be Your Best Decision Ever

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Most people would not want to buy an ‘ugly’ home because the majority of home buyers usually look for home features that are aesthetically pleasing to them. Home buyers look for home characteristics that make a home livable for the long term and easy to sell when the time comes - but are you sure that you’re not passing up great homes due to less than stellar first impressions? Find out what makes an ‘ugly’ home a great buy for a discerning buyer below!

An Ugly Home Can Be Turned to a Thing of Beauty

Oftentimes a home is deemed ugly because you don’t like the layout, the paint, or it has an untended lawn. All of these are great because these only mean that there are a lot of room for improvement to turn the home into exactly how you want it to be.

Ugly Homes Are Usually More Affordable

Sellers would typically want to sell an ugly home as soon as possible and would be willing to let go at below market price. This is an opportunity to scoop up the home for a discount and use the savings for renovation.

Ugly Homes Make for Quicker Negotiations

Because sellers are often just too happy to have someone interested in their not-so-pretty home, they’re more likely to want to get a contract signed by breezing through negotiations. You’ll have a new home quicker than you can ever expect.

Some Ugly Homes Are A Bargain for the Lot Size

Think about the potential that an ugly home on a big lot has. Plenty of room for expansion, extensive renovation, or even building another home as a guesthouse!

An Ugly Home Can Be a Treasure Trove of Architectural Details

Plenty of once beautiful homes were neglected for far too long and are now considered ugly homes. Oftentimes, a little bit of care will be all that’s needed to restore them to their former glory. This is especially true for older homes.

Ugly Homes Usually Has a Lot of Landscaping Potential

Because plenty of ugly homes are really just old homes that have been neglected, they usually come with a big lot that needs a lot of updating. An overgrown yard with some mature trees can be transformed to a gardening showcase with little effort. Great for curb appeal!

Ugly Homes Possesses Huge Potential for Increasing Future Home Valuation

A transformed former ugly home can be sold for a huge percentage above the original price once updated. Certainly better returns as compared to buying an overpriced beautiful home and selling it later.

Even Prime Locations Have An Ugly Home or Two

Location is a key price and desirability determinant when it comes to real estate. If you truly love a certain neighbourhood but the home prices are too steep, try to find an ugly home for sale in that neighbourhood. Don’t forget that you can always transform it to become your dream home!
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