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Halloween is just around the corner and spooky stuff is on all of our minds. Every area has a home that people believe to be haunted – but it’s no surprise that most buyers won’t consider buying a haunted home. A quarter of buyers would consider it for the novelty factor, but 74% of buyers would either be on the fence or flat out refuse: where do you fall? Are there any tricks in a realtor’s tool kit that helps them sell these homes? Let’s check it out!

Spooktacular Savings

Okay, that one was corny and we’re big enough to admit it – but if you were buying a “haunted” house, how much savings would you expect to see? According to those polled:
  • 12% would be willing to pay market price or MORE for the privilege of living in a spooky home.
  • 34% would expect a slight discount of 1%-30%
  • 22% would expect a large discount of 31% to 50%
  • 19% expected a humongous discount of 51%
That’s a huge range of people. But what constitutes a “haunted house” anyway?

The Happening

So just about anything can constitute a haunting, but here’s a rundown of “too creepy” things that will deter homebuyers:
Levitating Objects: 75% Wouldn’t Buy Does your home have a history of things floating in the air? You’re going to have a hard time selling the home – but you could make a decent go of it with tours around Halloween!
Objects Moving Around: 63% Wouldn’t Buy We’ll chalk this one up more to forgetfulness than frightening spirits, but this is one of the top reasons people won’t buy – if only to avoid the pain of not being able to find their favorite coffee mug or car keys.
Ghost Sightings: 63% Wouldn’t Buy Yes, even if it’s just a rumor, 2/3rds of home buyers will avoid a home with ghost sightings.
Weird Noises: 60% Wouldn’t Buy Most of this can be chalked up to older homes settling… or homebuyers trying to get a nice little discount off a squeaky older home!
Selling a Haunted House
Let’s just say, as a thought experiment, that your home was perceived as haunted. What can you do to sell it?
Focus on the Interesting Architecture: Older homes usually have interesting features that you just don’t find in newer ones! Sure, there may be some strange noises as the home settles more and more into the foundation, but all of that natural charm can draw interest from a dozen directions!
Focus on Historical Significance: How long as your home stood the test of time? If these walls could talk, imagine the stories that they would tell. Keeping in mind that homes aren’t just four walls and a roof, that they’re representations of status and stages in life, you can turn it to your benefit.
While we don’t have any haunted homes to show you, we can help you sell or find the home you’ll love. Contact us today and see what the Goodale Miller Team can do for you.
What would you find “haunting”? Chime in below!

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