Design Tips: Your Mini Guide to 10 Bathroom Faucet Finishes

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We’ve compiled the best and worst aspects of 10 popular finishes for bathroom faucets. Find out how they look and with which décor they pair up well with. How much you’ll be expected to shell out to achieve that look, and how well they age below!

Polished Brass

Hands down an all-time favourite, polished brass is best used for bathrooms that are going for a vintage vibe although it is equally as beautiful in eclectic, traditional, and modern settings. Polished brass is not cheap, being more expensive than say, brushed nickel and chrome but it is relatively easy to find and easily matches other fixtures.

Satin Brass

Boasting a brushed-gold look, satin brass exudes elegance by being bold without seeming showy. It works well with contemporary, modern, and traditional styles but it can easily rack up your renovating cost. It is also difficult to find matches for but can be worth the investment because it is very durable and does not show water spots and fingerprints.


Would you describe yourself as a lover of all things luxurious and bold? Then copper would be great in your bathroom more so when paired with marble!  It is breathtaking when used in steampunk, farmhouse, and Tuscan settings, plus ages really well. True that copper can be difficult to maintain if you want to retain a shiny finish but if you let it develop a patina, you’d be rewarded by its unique beauty. Downsides would be that it can be difficult to match with other fixtures and is not as durable as other finishes.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Going for a traditional look but tired of brushed nickel and chrome? Then oil-rubbed bronze is the faucet finish for you! This finish is also budget-friendly because you can simply buy a brass darkening solution to transform existing brass fixtures in your bathroom. The finish looks fabulous in a Mediterranean or Tuscan bathroom and is easy to find and clean although can be more expensive than other alternatives if you’ll end up buying fixture replacements.

Satin Bronze

If you love oil-rubbed bronze and copper, then you’d be a fan of satin bronze. The finish blends well with Mediterranean, traditional, and eclectic designs, being a lighter alternative to oil-rubbed bronze and a more maintenance-friendly alternative to copper. Finding matches can be a challenge, coupled with the fact that satin bronze is far from cheap; however, you won’t have to worry about fingerprints and water stains with satin bronze.

Polished Nickel

A tiny bit darker than chrome but offers the same shine, polished nickel also has the ability to seemingly change colour depending on your lighting and work great with eclectic, traditional, modern, and contemporary interiors. It can be expensive and a challenge to find matches for but it more than makes up for ease of maintenance and durability.

Brushed Nickel

Another all-time favourite, brushed nickel works with almost any style and can stand the test of time in durability. It is one of the cheaper options for finishes and yet it almost never shows wear, water spots, fingerprints, and stains. The downside is that it can sometimes look too ‘standard’ despite being a little pricier than chrome.


Chrome goes with everything, but sadly, it shows water spots and fingerprints although it is also the most budget-friendly finish in our list. You may want to go for chrome if you’re looking for a durable option that works fine with any décor.


Love the look of clean and bright bathrooms? Then choose a white faucet! This finish is often available in porcelain and plastic, with the porcelain costing a whole lot more than plastic. Although this finish can be surprisingly easy to clean and goes well with modern and farmhouse styles, the porcelain option is very prone to chipping.

Matte Black

Going matte black gives the illusion that you’ve completely renovated your bathroom although all you did was switch up the fixtures. It is very easy to maintain although finding matching pieces may not be a walk in the park, not to mention that it can get pretty expensive. Design-wise, it is best paired with eclectic or modern styles.
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