Real Estate Advice: Your Spring Home Checklist

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Spring is the perfect time to start fresh, and for homeowners, that means checking the whole home and addressing things that needs repair or maintenance. In this spring home checklist, we’ll walk you through what you need to look into starting with the big home maintenance projects to the small ones so you can keep your home in tip-top shape for the year ahead.

Give Your Roof Some Love

Following winter, the roof is often the part of the home that gets the most wear and tear. Look for missing or damaged areas, missing shingles, dented parts, and anything that seems off so you can send photos to a roof repair professional for a quote.

Paint and Reseal

If you have wooden features outside your home such as trellises, fences, railings, and pergolas, spring is the perfect time to have them resealed. You should also schedule exterior painting jobs in spring.

Inspect Air-Conditioning System

Summer is just a few weeks away. If you want to make sure that your ac is working efficiently, filters must be cleaned each season and a licensed professional should service your cooling system before summer.

Maintain Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged downspouts and gutters can damage your roof, eaves, and foundation because it will make water accumulate where it should not. Periodic cleaning will save you a lot of money in the future.

Clean Windows and Doors

Washing dirt off of your windows and doors will give your home a fresh welcoming feel. You can do this with just a hose or hire professionals to do the job. This is also the time to repair torn screens and the like. If planned correctly, you can get this done over a weekend.

Tackle Your Fireplace

While you need a professional chimney sweep to clean the inside of your fireplace, you can go ahead and clean your fireplace surround yourself. Take off cooled remains of logs and sweep the ash unto a waste receptacle.

Check Irrigation Systems and Sprinklers

Do a one-time inspection by running water through your sprinkler system and walking around your property to manually check for leaks, improper alignment of sprinkler heads, or see if any of the sprinkler heads are pointing towards your walls or windows to avoid moisture problems. Make sure you are not losing water through leaks. You may call a professional if your irrigation and sprinkler system is intricate and you feel that you need additional help.

Check Your Paths and Driveways

Winter can be very hard on concrete, making concrete pathways and driveways crack. Once all the snow is gone, walk around your property and see what needs patching and what should be replaced.

Keep Your Home Termite-Free

Termites form new colonies in spring so homes with woodwork are not safe. A licensed pest control company can do the necessary inspections for you as well as use the right treatment and prevention.

Declutter As You Go

Make sure to stash away, donate, or bin leftover things from the seasons before. Decluttering will not only make it easier for you to spot what needs repairing in your home but will also help you get a fresh start this spring.
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